Made in the Midlands Expo 2019: Meet the Expert Innovators at Benteler Distribution Ltd

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Benteler Distribution Ltd have an impressive long-standing heritage tracing back to 1876, traversing the revolutions which have taken place in both industry and technology and emerging as one of the leading steel tube stockholding and processing companies.

Phil Dale-Pearson is the Regional Sales Manager for Benteler Distribution. Mr Dale-Pearson insists that the success of the company hinges on their comprehensive industry and product knowledge, their willingness to adapt to the needs of the market, and, above all, their dedication to customer service.

There’s a lot going in the world of Benteler Distribution Limited - largely due to their own, in-house designers, who work hard to produce innovative designs, products and solutions for use exclusively within the company. Having their own team of creative designers means that Benteler Distribution is constantly adding to their portfolio, bringing products to fruition which are then patented and immediately put to use.

One such innovation is PreFiS-XL, a metallic connecting product for fire protection and fluid conveyance applications. In short, its function is to connect pipes without the use of welding - vastly improving the efficiency, safety and cost of Benteler Distribution’s pipe connecting components and placing them leagues above the conventional pipe connections used by others in the industry.

This, Mr. Dale-Pearson says, is just one example of how the company is innovatively providing a much-needed solution to a common industry problem.

Like PreFiS-XL, Benteler Distribution are constantly using their own patents to improve the service and manufacturing process. To date, they have patented over 1060 designs, producing more than 260 within the last 12 months.

Within their industry, Benteler Distribution is the only company who are fully integrated with their own supply chain across the steel and tube, automotive assembly, and tube distribution sectors, allowing for quality-control every step of the way.

When asked about the value of attending the Made in the Midlands exhibition, Mr. Dale-Pearson says: “We always find it insightful to meet clients, both new and potential, and also to be engaging and meeting other midlands-based engineering companies.”

Investing in local talent, Benteler Distribution are involved in multiple apprenticeship programmes and have a lot of engagement within both UK and European universities. They encourage people aspiring to be a part of this industry to come visit them at the Made in the Midlands exhibition: “We tend to man these exhibitions with people with experience - both engineering wise and commercially.”